Hemp hermaphrodite

Cannabis is a biparental plant. This means that there are separate male and female plants and texas medical card. Sometimes, however, it can happen that one bush develops traits of both sexes.

Imagine, a grower has planted good seeds, and the bushes are growing by leaps and bounds. And suddenly, just before flowering, he notices that among the beautiful, feminized cannabis plants there are a couple of male flowers which can ruin the whole harvest.

What’s this all called?
A dicotyledonous plant that has both female and male flowers on the same individual is called a hermaphrodite. Such a plant has the ability to self-pollinate, which will destroy the THC and ruin all the grower’s efforts.

Why does this happen?

Often the hermaphroditism of the female cannabis plant is due to stress and unfavorable development conditions (read “grower mistakes”). Among the most common causes of germicides are:

Improper light conditions.
Either excessive moisture or excessive dryness. The required level of moisture should be between 45-55%.
Over or underfeeding.
Lack of light. The best option for hemp is 600 W/m light.
Mechanical external damage.
Failure to maintain plant hygiene. This is still fraught with the appearance of parasites and diseases.
Failure to observe the temperature regime.
Prolongation of the hemp flowering period.
Use of pesticides.
There is another reason – genetic. If a marijuana variety has genetic markers that are responsible for a tendency to hermaphroditism and is dominant, this trait will be passed on to offspring. Whether it is clones or crosses of a variety to produce seed, either way the offspring will have hermaphroditism genes. Sometimes old-school cannabis varieties are unstable on their own, the growers usually write about it.

In the first case (stress) the offspring will have healthy genetics, in the second case they will not.

How to tell the difference?

If suddenly the irreparable happened, for example, the grower did not watch out and messed up with watering, light, etc., it is necessary to find and destroy the germicides before they self-pollinate. Otherwise, you can not hope for anything, because the crop will be ruined.

Generally speaking, germicas initially develop in the female type, and it is only at the preflower that they can be distinguished:

Female preflowers are shaped like a bulb with two hairs. They are very tightly attached to the stem.
The male ones are shaped like bananas. They are located for the most part at the bottom of the plant. They protrude outward and have a small stalk. In this way, the inflorescences will be able to spray pollen farther. They are usually grouped in groups of five.
Important: Different varieties develop differently, for example sativas are always slower than indica plants. Sativas grow throughout their life span, so its inspection must be more thorough.

How to avoid it?

The first rule of thumb is to only have proven cannabis seed producers. Reliable companies monitor the quality of cannabis seeds, and varieties prone to hermaphroditism always have an appropriate warning in their descriptions.

Rule number two: No stress. Healthy, vigorous plants not only ensure a good harvest, but also no hermics.

If you do find a couple of male bananas on your plant, you need to carefully remove them with tweezers. You need to act very carefully, so that the pollen does not spill around, do not stain your hands or clothes. After “cleaning” it is necessary to sprinkle the bush with water to neutralize the pollen residues. In a situation where there are a lot of bananas, the plant is removed completely from the box or bed.

Careful inspection of the bushes should be carried out constantly. The earlier the germicides are identified and removed, the better the chances of a good harvest. Missing bananas that appeared at the end of the color is not so fatal, because they will no longer have enough time to develop full male inflorescences with ready pollen.

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