How cannabis grows

Hemp develops in several stages. Initially, when only a seed is in the hands of a gardener, the task is to germinate it. This is the first step to a successful harvest. The germination process takes about 2 to 7 days.

Under the influence of three factors (water, air, heat), the seeds turn into a sprout. Taking the first steps in life, the seed cracks, releasing the taproot. After a short period of time, the seed will form 2 cotyledons (embryonic leaves).

Further, the seeds turn into small green plants, which remain quite fragile. During the growing period, the size of the plant and its yield are determined. A good growing season is much more important than the flowering stage. To ensure optimal growth of the plant, it is worth taking care of the lighting right away. In the period of intensive growth, a timer 18/6 should be set on the lamp. Thus, the plant will receive light 18 hours / day. The rest of the 6 hours the plant will be in the dark. This will allow the plant to grow in size. The more intensively and higher the bush grows, the more it will form leaves.

Many gardeners use root growth stimulants. This contributes to the faster development and growth of the plant. The fewer plants per 1m2, the longer the growing season can be (but do not forget about the size of the grow room). At the same time, do not drag out the vega. If you give marijuana too much time to grow, the bushes will form large and interfere with each other’s further development.

What if the growth of cannabis was planned not from seeds, but from cuttings?

In this case, there is nothing difficult. Growth from cuttings is much faster, because these are almost ready-made bushes, while the seed will become a full-fledged plant only after a month. The lateral branches of cannabis, which are grown from cuttings, form in steps as they mature. But when grown from seed, side shoots develop in proportion to the main stem. Only over time, the plant, obtained from the seed, will begin to form branches in steps.

When the sprouts develop into mature shrubs, you can relax a little and enjoy the aroma that the plants will give off during flowering.

The main challenge for the grower during the growing season is to achieve ideal crop growth.

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