Indoor autoflowering

Autoflowering cannabis is becoming more and more popular every year. It is rapidly displacing photoperiodic cannabis strains from seed store shelves. First of all, this is due to the ease of its cultivation, especially in greenhouses.

The main features of autoflowering are:

The ability to independently move into the flowering stage upon reaching a certain age, regardless of the light regime;

Small growth of bushes;

Unpretentious care and resistance to negative environmental factors that they got from ruderalis;

Strong immunity;

Fast life cycle;

Good yield indicators.

To grow an autoflower indoors, you do not need to have any special knowledge in the field of gardening and have a lot of experience. It is enough just to have the desire, patience and a suitable variety for indoor use.

How to grow an auto at home?
Would you like to learn how to grow autoflowers at home? It’s quite simple, because you are not going to attend the Cannes Festival with it or claim the title of “Rastish of the Year”. As the simplest option, a window sill is perfect. However, those who want to help their plant reach its potential will have to get a grow box. Well, now about everything in order.

How to properly grow autoflowering on a windowsill
In fact, there are no clear rules for this method, only recommendations that will improve performance:

The cultivation time will directly depend on the selected variety. The fastest are capable of going through a full life cycle in less than 2 months, the average – in 2-3. The grower needs to make sure that as much sunlight as possible gets on his windowsill during this period;

It should be borne in mind that the average growth of autos is about 1 m. The bush should have enough space not only on the windowsill itself, but also inside the pot so that its root system can develop unhindered. Experienced growers recommend using 10-12 L pots for autoflowering varieties. Dwarf plants, whose growth is 40-60 cm, will be able to reveal their potential in a 7-8 liter container;

Timely watering and light top dressing will also have a positive effect on the productivity of the bush. It is rather difficult to name the exact amount of the future harvest. Usually its weight varies from 15 to 50 g. You can count on more only when cultivating in a grow box.

How to grow an autoflower in a growbox
A growbox is a small, closed structure that creates a microclimate suitable for growing autoflowers. It is much easier to control external environmental factors in it than, for example, in an entire room. This allows cannabis to be grown in the conditions that are most favorable for it.

Today in specialized online stores you can find a lot of ready-made solutions, but not everyone can afford them. Therefore, most gardeners use a kitchen cupboard, wardrobe compartment or pantry as grow boxes. If there is nothing suitable, then you can easily assemble it yourself from chipboard.

In order for marijuana to feel comfortable in the “house”, it needs to be provided with a suitable temperature regime. The boundaries of the permissible range lie between 18 and 27 degrees, however, the most favorable value is considered to be the indicator of 24 C0. A slight decrease in temperature at night is allowed.

Special control should also be exercised over the level of humidity. It should be between 40 and 60%. Increasing the allowable value greatly increases the likelihood of mold, which can easily destroy the entire crop.

Hemp soil should be well-drained and rich in nutrients. The presence of the latter will significantly reduce the plant’s need for feeding, or even make it unnecessary. It is best to go the simplest way by buying a ready-made soil mixture at the nearest flower shop. Before buying, you should definitely make sure that its pH level is between 5.5 and 6.5, and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are present in sufficient quantities from trace elements.

And, of course, no plant can survive without light. Suitable lamps for growing cannabis in a 2-4 grow box are:

DNaT with a capacity of 150-400 W;

LED lamps for 100-300 W;

ESL with a power of 150-300 watts.

They all have their own disadvantages and advantages. However, as practice shows, these days most growers prefer LED phytolamps. They are economical, do not heat up, are easy to install, and emit the most marijuana-friendly light spectra. If there is one, any bush will be able to fully reveal its productivity potential, bringing from 100 to 350 g of the finished product.

Watering the marijuana will need to be done as the soil dries out. You just need to stick your finger into it to a depth of 2-4 cm to find out if it is dry or not. As a rule, watering is carried out no more than once a week. In order not to harm the plant, you only need to use purified water.

The last thing a grower should think about is a strong scent during the flowering phase. With the emergence of inflorescences, cannabis will begin to produce a resin that is rich in aromatic chemical compounds.

Believe me, the smell can penetrate even outside the apartment. To prevent this from happening, you can initially make a “knight’s move” by choosing a weak-smelling cannabis variety. In the case of regular cannabis, you will have to install ventilation with a charcoal filter that will purify the air coming out of the grow box.

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