Hemp hermaphrodite

Cannabis is a biparental plant. This means that there are separate male and female plants and texas medical card. Sometimes, however, it can happen that one bush develops traits of both sexes. Imagine, a grower has planted good seeds, and the bushes are growing by leaps and bounds. And suddenly, just before flowering, he notices […]

How cannabis grows

Hemp develops in several stages. Initially, when only a seed is in the hands of a gardener, the task is to germinate it. This is the first step to a successful harvest. The germination process takes about 2 to 7 days. Under the influence of three factors (water, air, heat), the seeds turn into a […]

Indoor autoflowering

Autoflowering cannabis is becoming more and more popular every year. It is rapidly displacing photoperiodic cannabis strains from seed store shelves. First of all, this is due to the ease of its cultivation, especially in greenhouses. The main features of autoflowering are: The ability to independently move into the flowering stage upon reaching a certain […]

Why does marijuana red eyes?

Red eyes are often associated with marijuana. This identifying feature has become so stereotyped that quite often people cannot think of anything else. Red eyes after cannabis are joked on television and in comedy films; they are actively used in mocking pictures that are posted on social networks. Red eyes began to be associated with […]

Cannabis leaves stains

Brown, white, yellow or brown spots on cannabis leaves are symptoms of disease. Having noticed these alarming manifestations, it is imperative that the grower pay attention to the health of the plants and take steps to eliminate the effects of stresses on the tree and their consequences. The reasons for the appearance of stains can […]

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