Why does marijuana red eyes?

Red eyes are often associated with marijuana. This identifying feature has become so stereotyped that quite often people cannot think of anything else. Red eyes after cannabis are joked on television and in comedy films; they are actively used in mocking pictures that are posted on social networks.

Red eyes began to be associated with marijuana back in the 60s of the last century. This is primarily due to the popularization of the hippie movement, which originated in those years. Thousands of guys and girls absolutely did not hesitate, openly walked around the city with red eyes, which was reflected in the opinion of the public. Certain stereotypes have formed.

It is noteworthy, but not everyone’s eyes turn red and not always. Everything, of course, depends on the type and amount of marijuana. In this article, we will explain in detail why cannabis causes red eyes and how to get rid of this phenomenon.

THC is to blame

Cannabis eyes turn red because it contains THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid that can lower blood pressure. It is he who is responsible for this side effect, which gives away almost all marijuana lovers. After a decrease in pressure, capillaries and blood vessels expand throughout the body, including the eyeballs. More blood begins to move along them, as a result of which it becomes visible to the naked eye.

When a cannabis strain contains a small amount of THC, this effect is not observed. That is why the eyes do not always turn red. But you can be sure that if someone is given a try on a strain with a high THC content, then his eyeballs will certainly acquire a characteristic reddish color.

Red-eye dependence on THC can also be observed when eating cannabis foods. Typically, the content of tetrahydrocannabinol

They are much higher than in cones, since concentrates are used for their preparation. It is enough for a person to eat, for example, one hemp cake to make his eyes redden noticeably.

Some people blush their eyes much more often than others. This is because they are either allergic to cannabis or their mucous membranes are highly susceptible to irritants. If such a person is given to try a finished product with a high THC index, then an enhanced effect will be observed – complete redness of the eyes to such an extent that not a single white speck will remain on them. In such people, their eyes often turn red even without cannabis, for example, from a hookah.

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